Patient Testimonials

Hear from real patients of ours about their experiences here at Gay Fulkerson, MD.

"Dr. Gay is what I think of when I think of a family practice. Her approach is more about the whole person and not so clinical. Going to Dr. Gay’s is like going to the Dr. when I was a child, except she’s never given me a sucker."


"Dr. Gay is dedicated to helping the sick and finding exactly what was wrong with them."


"When I started seeing doc she made me so mad because I did not want to come back to see her so frequently. She made me realize how important it is to check my sugar for my diabetes regularly and to watch my weight. After she explained why I had to do this I understood and was appreciative that she was watching out for my best interest."


"A very down-to-earth doctor uses a common sense approach to healthcare. Listens well and works with patient on treatment."


Thank You Cards

Below are a series of thank you cards that patients have sent the clinic over the years. Click on each image to see the front and inside.